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The Baseball Club was founded in 2016, when a recent grad and D1 ball player Michael Miranda was working for the New York Mets.


As much as Michael loved working for the Mets $600 every two weeks was not enough, he realized entrepenuership ran through his family. He began to figure out a way to sell thrift shop items on ebay. While the boom of social media was making an impact, the Baseball club page began to grow with the connection of baseball players worldwide. 

With the help of his sister which was selling baseball products back in Miami from their family business, Michael decided to create a website with the help of his college friend. After a couple months of learning ecommerce from h he decided to move to Miami at the end of 2016 and pursue The Baseball Club full time.  


In the next few years The Baseball Club has been introduced in over 20 countries. While baseball equipment and apparel has been the strong suit, media and exposure has gone to grow. In 2019 The Baseball Club media was created and has hosted in events in Dubai, Singapore and The Dominican Republic. 

From branding, equipment, to media The Baseball Club family continues to grow with over a quater million followers world wide. Our goal is cover every aspect of the game we all love. 

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